Origin of the Keating Name
An old manuscript in the Genealogical Office, Dublin Castle, states:

The family of the Keatings of Ireland derives its origin from the same stock as those of the Fitzgeralds and Fitzmaurices in the following manner:
Otho, or Other, a rich and powerful lord in the time of King Alfred, descended from the Dukes of Tuscany, passed from Florence into Normandy, thence into England, where in Wales he and his descendants flourished until Richard (S/trongbow) Clare, Earl of Pembroke, their kinsman, engaged the latter to partake in his expedition to Ireland (1169), in which Maurice Fitzgerald, fitz Walter fitz Otho (ancestor of the Fitzgerald earls and Marquises of Kildare and Dukes of Leinster, and to the Fitzgeralds, Earls of Desmond), embarked together with his brother, William Fitzgerald...

These two noblemen and their sons were principal agents in the Conquest of the Kingdom of Ireland. Raymond, surnamed de Gros (Grace), second son of the said William Fitzgerald, was ancestor through his second son Maurice of the Fitz-Maurice Earls of Kerry, and John, the sixth son of the said William, became ancestor of the family of the Keatings. This John, surnamed by the Irish Keith-teine, (a shower of fire), from the fierceness of his attacks on them, obtained large seignories in the counties of Wexford, Catherlogh, Kildare, and in the Queens County, which were in the process of time divided amongst the spreading branches of the family, and possessed by them without interruptions until the Revolutions of 1641 and 1688, when, falling victim to the fanaticism of the times, they forfeited them through their invincible attachment to their religion and sovereigns. By an inquisition taken 20th June, Henry VIII (1538), it appears that John Keating of Baldwinstown, Esq., died 20 February 1538, seized as in fee of the Manor of Baldwinstown with its appurtenances lying and situate in the Parish of Kilcowan in said county, as also of the townlands of the Annesfadde, Chircestown and Rosclave, all of which he held from the crown for services military, and that Peter Keating, his son and heir was two years old when his father died.
The above was in support of a request for a coat of arms by a Charles Keatinge, in the 1600's. Another source said the name Keating came from the village of Kethin in Wales. Still another said the name came from Askeaton Castle in Limerick, where Raymond de Gros and relatives lived at a time when they were conquering Limerick. Perhaps John Keating, Raymond's brother, died there as great battles were fought.

This paper was edited and adapted from a microfilm in the LDS Genealogical Library, #1320546, Item 1, Keating Notes, A. D. 1169-1980 by Mary G. Keating, 1980.

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