All About Bob
I guess that the best and fastest way to really get to know me is by discovering what I like to do for fun and work. So here goes...

I love to sail on San Francisco Bay in the summer, ski Tahoe in the winter, and work around my home in Napa.

There's also wine tasting, concerts, plays in San Francisco, Shakespeare in Oregon, web-surfing and I love to travel.

Here's a view of my little yacht, a 1969 vintage Columbia 26 I call La Negrita, which I'm restoring to it's former grandeur, and also a view of the lagoon from my kitchen. And a shot of my latest toy, to assuage my mid-life crisis.
Bob's New Car
View Out Window
La Negrita
My New Car
View Out my Window
The kids are grown, two daughters who live in San Francisco, and I'm involved. Me and my two cats, with frequent guests, which I love to have drop in for a visit.

Life's a Beach!

This is all made possible by my almost thirty years of work in the telecommunications industry, having retired... yes, cousins, retired at 43 from Pacific Bell in 1991.

I kicked off my retirement by working in Taiwan for AT&T, then Ericsson Raynet in Silicon Valley for three years.

At present, I'm working in Petaluma, a mere thirty-five minute drive through the wine country known as the Carneros Appellation. I'm in marketing for a great company, AlcatelUSA, formerly DSC Communications. I work in a department called Advanced Planning with the title Senior Manager, which is ambiguous enough to allow me to do just about anything and everything that's required to get the job done.

Most of the time, I collaborate with our customers, who are primarily the ex-Bell companies, and our own internal engineers, to develop and market some of the highest quality and most reliable fiber optic communications equipment in the world.

When you pick up the phone and hear that humming...that's me!

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